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Creative Challenges

Digital competitions with cash prizes for winners worldwide. Learn about the winners of our latest creative $2,000 Self-Quarantine creative challenge and SelfQuar Experiment, an art lab inspired by the challenge. 
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creative challenge

The Self-Quarantine edition of our Creative Challenge series awarded a $2,000 prize for the most innovative artwork created from a place of isolation. 

Immerse yourself in the SelfQuar Experiment

Experience the best submissions to our Self-Quarantine Challenge by visiting the creative digital lab. 

First Page screenwriting challenge

The screenwriting edition of our Creative Challenge series awarded a $2,000 top prize for the most transfixing openers for an imaginary film called Creative Armenia.

Get inspired before submitting.

Learn how the greatest screenwriters in the history of cinema have made their first page the most memorable.
The design edition of our Creative Challenge series awarded a $2,000 top prize for the most interesting poster for a film called Creative Armenia.

Movie Poster

design challenge 

Get inspired before submitting.

Take a journey through the most iconic movie posters of all time.
The photography edition of our Creative Challenge series awarded a $2,000 top prize for the most interesting or innovative use of shadows in a single photograph.

Art of Shadows photography challenge

What hides behind


Explore the secret world of shadows in this video from Creative Armenia
Then he challenged the world to finish the song. Watch the 7 Notes music challenge and discover the two winners of the $5,000 prize.

Rock star Serj Tankian wrote the first 7 notes.

7 Notes. Endless possibilities.

Alpha Lighting System and Mariam Petrosian took the $5,000 top prize. But hundreds of other exceptional submissions found home on our new platform – the 7 Notes Experiment.
Entries were received from around the world, and Pim Pam Pum by Asier Urbieta & Andoni de Carlos was chosen as the winning film. 

Oscar-winning filmmaker Terry George focused his lens on human rights.

Children of War

Terry George's challenge drew countless powerful submissions from across the world. Many of them happened to address one of the vital human rights issues of our time: the experience of children in war.
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