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Three Armenian artists head to Brussels for creative residency

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The artists will travel to the Boghossian Foundation’s prestigious Villa Empain and spend a month focusing on their creative projects at the heart of Europe 

Learning from the Best: Visionaries Behind Poor Things, Dune, and This American Life Guide Armenian Creators

In 2023 Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellows learned from many high profile mentors. Here are but a few of them. 


This is Creative Armenia
in 2023

Eyes on 2024, we revisit our

8 most significant

accomplishments of

the past year

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Writing a Place with Light: Diana Markosian on Capturing Memories Through Photography

Meet Diana Markosian, an acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and our 2023 Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellow


War diary written in Artsakh bunker
becomes a book

Lika Zakaryan publishes  44 DAYS: Diary from an Invisible War in collaboration with Creative Armenia


Artbox greenlights 24 creative projects for incubation

Creative Armenia is excited to introduce the 24 creative projects that will take part in Artbox Incubator

Keep reading! More adventures await in our creative archive.
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