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The Self-Quarantine special edition of our Creative Challenge series awards a $2,000 prize for the most innovative artwork created from the place of isolation. 







Meet the challenge winners

Get to know the winners of our Self-Qaurnatine Creative Challenge and their exceptional submissions.
Ani Qananyan received a prize for her evocation of quarantine routine, Arnaud Khayadjanian for his creative travels on Google Maps, Van Sarkissian for his electronic hallucination, Tigran Nersisyan for his poetic funeral, and Tamara Aydinyan and her madness-in-motion. 
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Winners' Interviews

One Room, One Shot, One Circle

Our interview with Ani Qananyan, winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge.

Her Dance of Comfort and Despair

Our interview with Tamara Aydinyan, the winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge

Capturing the Daydream

Our interview with Van Sarkissian, winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge. 

The Imagined Farewell 

Our interview with Tigran Nersisian, the winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge

Shrinking Distances

Our interview with Arnaud Khayadjanian, the winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge.


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