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Her Dance of Comfort and Despair

Our interview with Tamara Aydinyan, the winner of the $2,000 Self-Quarantine Challenge

July 30, 2020  |  by Creative Armenia

$2,000 self-quarantine creative challeng

Tamara Aydinyan’s performances do not feel like dances. They are hypnotic experiences that you behold in awe. Entrancing you with movements, her performance was selected as the winner of our global competition. Discover more about Tamara in this exclusive interview. 


CA: Give us more insight into your dance. How did you conceive the idea?


TA: The idea came from delving into my thoughts. Rethinking the reason for existence in all its aspects has always been and still is an important experience. In isolation, it can influence you differently. When you are immersed in your thoughts — in the liminal space between comfort and despair — it can take you to the edge of madness or help you discover new perspectives. And in the moments like that, you understand that everything depends on your decision.


CA: Your movements in the dance seemed to have a strong concept as a base. Tell us more about its style and what inspired you. 


TA: My choreography is about consciousness, the present moment, body, and senses. When I am creating, these ideas, along with a good dance technique and understanding of the body, produce dances full of imagination and improvisation. At such moments, I become completely honest with myself. For me, that's the secret to creating magic and channeling the right energy.


CA: You have participated in many masterclasses and toured about the world. Has that experience changed your work in any way? 


TA: Definitely. And not only as a dancer or choreographer but also as a person. I think one of the best things about people is the ability to change both physically and mentally — especially mentally. Thoughts are the most powerful force in the world. Just as water can change its shape, the way you think can change the shape of your body, the quality of your movement, and more. It only depends on whether you are ready to change or not.


CA: Did your personal quarantine and the Self-Quarantine Challenge influence on your methods, techniques, and tools of creation?


TA: I would not say that something has changed in my dance techniques, methods, or quality of movement. As I train every day and in all circumstances, I always try to discover something new. That is an ongoing process. But I have discovered that even in a limited space you can be incredibly expressive, finding inspiration from your inner world. It is exciting how you can be torn from the world but at the same time feel the world more acutely. And I also got reminded how delicious my mom’s food is.


CA: What are your creative resolutions for the post-COVID world? 


TA: My creative resolutions for the post-COVID world reside in art, creativity, and in all its manifestations. By creating new platforms and opportunities for artists, staging performances, organizing art projects, we can help people feel and taste the sweetness of life again and be reminded that without art life would be meaningless and boring.

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