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Application Materials

Before you begin your application to the 2024 East-West Residency, please make sure to carefully review and prepare the materials we require. You can find all the necessary information below. 

Applications are now closed. 
About the Progrm

1. About the Program 

East-West Residency is an annual creative residency realized by Creative Armenia in partnership with the Boghossian Foundation. The program offers three artists from Armenia a unique opportunity to spend a month at the iconic Villa Empain in Brussels, free of charge.


The residency will take place in Summer-Autumn of 2024. Selected artists are expected to stay at the residency for the entire month. Please keep in mind that the dates of the residency will be fixed with the selected residents. 


The program covers the costs of travel and lodging and provides a stipend to the artists selected as residents.  


Before you begin your application to the 2024 East-West Residency, please carefully review the sections below. Applications that do not meet the requirements mentioned below will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is April 3, 2024 (11:59pm, Yerevan).

Who Can Appy

2. Who Can Apply 

Please make sure you are aware of the following requirements and conditions before applying: 

  • The 2024 East-West Residency does not have any restrictions related to the occupation and/or art discipline of the artist. Applicants can be from any creative discipline or multi-disciplinary, including but not limited to Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Literature, Film, TV, Animation, Music, Fashion, Creative Design, Performative Arts, Architecture, Art Curation, Arts Management, and beyond.


  • The applicant must be a resident of the Republic of Armenia or hold Armenian citizenship.

  • The applicant must be over 18 years old.

  • Applicants are encouraged to have a minimum of intermediate English language proficiency.

  • Applicants can choose to work on any one or multiple projects during their stay at the Villa Empain.

3. Application Materials

Please make sure to have the following materials ready for upload when you begin your 2024 East-West Residency application. If you have these materials ready, the submission process should take you no more than 15 minutes. We accept applications in English or Armenian.


1. A high-resolution headshot/profile picture. 


  • High-quality picture (min 1500x1500px) with a clear background, uncovered face, and even light

  • Name your file as follows: NameSurname_headshot

  • Accepted formats: PNG or JPG

  • Maximum size: 10MB


2. Curriculum Vitae that provides a comprehensive background and relevant links to your works.  


  • Includes your name and surname at the top

  • Name your file as follows: NameSurname_CV

  • Maximum size: 10MB

  • Accepted format: PDF


3. Portfolio of your previous works that demonstrate your career trajectory and artistic style. 


  • Name your file as follows: NameSurname_portfolio

  • Maximum size: 10MB

  • Accepted format: PDF


4. (Optional) An additional document that would help us determine the impact of your submission. This could be a lookbook of the current project, mood board, a detailed presentation, or anything else. 


  • Name your file as follows: NameSurname_annexes

  • Maximum size: 10MB

  • Accepted format: PDF

Appliction Materials
Application Questions

4. Application Questions

During the submission process, you will need to reply to a few questions. You can get acquainted with them below. 


We advise you to type and save your answers in a separate document before submitting them through the application form to ensure that you can access them in case of a technical issue. 


The questions are as follows: 


  • Provide a summary of your creative career, including its most notable accomplishments. (Up to 500 words)


  • What creative project will you be working on during your term at the East-West Residency? Give us a clear understanding of the project, its status, and how the residency will help you realize it. (Up to 500 words)


  • What kind of artists or other professionals of the creative industries would you like to meet, network, or collaborate with during your East-West Residency in Brussels? (Up to 250 words)


  • Have you previously participated in similar programs in the creative field? Tell us how the program helped you grow as an artist. (Up to 250 words)


  • The East-West Residency program will take place in Summer-Autumn of 2024. What is your availability during that time? Keep in mind that residents are required to spend the whole month at the Villa Empain. (Up to 100 words) 


  • Do you have an active single-entry or multiple-entry Schengen visa for Summer-Autumn of 2024? (Up to 100 words) 

Application Process

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5. Application Process 

The deadline is April 3, 2024 (11:59pm, Yerevan). Please note that applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 


We receive applications exclusively through the application portal. Applications sent via email or other means/channels will not be considered. Please make sure you submit all required materials and answer questions comprehensively as multiple submissions are not permitted.


The evaluation process will last 3 weeks after the application deadline. Through a rigorous selection process, the selection committee will evaluate submissions. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to join a video interview for the final evaluation. All applicants will be notified about the results after the evaluation process via email provided in the application. 


If you have any questions, you can reach us at

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Do I have to know English to apply? 

Knowledge of an intermediate level of English and/or French is highly preferable, as artists will be expected to communicate while traveling and during their stay in Brussels. You can however submit your application in English or Armenian. 


When exactly will I have to travel to Brussels if I am selected? 

The exact days will be finalized with each resident separately. Since the residency will take place in Summer-Autumn of 2024, please make sure you are available for that period before submitting your application. 


Does the residency cover or provide the materials I need to produce my art? 

The East-West Residency does not cover the costs of materials and does not provide additional materials to artists during their stay at the Villa Empain. However, the artists are welcome to spend the stipend provided by Creative Armenia on any of their needs, including acquiring additional materials. 


Do I need to apply for the residency with a new project? 

No, you are not required to apply with new projects. They can be in an idea, production, or final stages. However, you do need to indicate in your application how the residency will benefit the project. 


Do I have to complete the project at the residency? 

No, the artists are not required to complete their projects at the residency. 


If I start working on a new sculpture, canvas, and/or any other physical artwork, will the residency cover the costs of transporting it back to Armenia? 

The program does not cover additional transportation fees for large works or additional luggage. The artist will need to calculate the costs of such services into the stipend. 


Do I have to have a Schengen visa? 

Since Brussels is part of the European Union, all residents will be required to apply for and receive a Schengen visa before traveling to Brussels. If you do not have a Schengen visa for Summer-Autumn 2024, you will need to apply. Creative Armenia will provide you the necessary invitation letters from the organizing and hosting parties. If you already have a multi- or single-entry Schengen visa or obtain it on your own before traveling, you must inform us about it in your application. 


If my application is not selected this year, can I apply again? 

Yes, we encourage applicants to apply again with an improved application and/or a different project in the upcoming year. However, you cannot apply again if you have been selected for the program in the past. 

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