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Top 10 of Creative Armenia: October 2019

Take your share of Creative Armenia's highlights for October

November 1, 2019  |  by Creative Armenia

In October, Creative Armenia's Network members, fellows, residents, and artists from across the world were vigorously pushing the boundaries of creativity with their new projects, while Creative Armenia continued to launch new opportunities for innovative minds.  

10. In New York, Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellow Arthur Makaryan's contemporary opera Oedipus in the District premiered.

9. In our magazine, our 2019 East-West Resident Vigen Galstyan talked about his creative month in Brussels in an exclusive interview entitled From East to West: Conversations with Vigen Galstyan

8. In the US, Creative Armenia Network members Kristin Cass's photographic project Reparations of the Heart was published in the Hyebred Magazine.

7. Meanwhile, in our magazine we considered the multiple lives of trees in an article entitled Consider the Tree.

6. In Yerevan, our 2019 East-West Resident Ruben Malayan exhibited his works during The Art of Armenian Calligraphy exhibition.

5. In Russia, Jason Lasky led his series of acting workshops with aspiring actors. 

4. In our magazine, we featured the unnoticed faces of Gum Market in a photoessay entitled Faces of Gum Market.  

3. Meanwhile, our 2020 East-West Residency, a one month exclusive residency at the Villa Empain in Brussels is closing by the November 3 deadline and calling for all innovative Armenian artists to hurry to apply.

2. And our new First Page screenwriting challenge is launched, challenging screenwriters and writers from across the world to submit their one great page of screenplay for a movie called Creative Armenia.

1. And finally, at our Creative Armenia office we hosted an evening celebrating our creative network members and their inspiring work.

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