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Top 10 of Creative Armenia: June 2019

Catch the highlights of our creative month 

June 28, 2019  |  by Creative Armenia

In June, Creative Armenia's fellows, residents, and artists from across the world were most active, releasing new innovative projects and appearing on various stages across the world. Here are 10 highlights from the month.

10. At the Villa Empain in Brussels, our East-West resident Ruben Malayan spent the month of June on research and creation.

9. In Hollywood, Network member Miqayel Voskanyan performed at the IGNITE @ the FORD!. And back in Armenia he released his new music film Utopia.

8. In Toronto, Tamara Sevunts participated in the mixed media performance entitled Behind Closed Doors featuring her poems, including a filmed spoken poem Bruises.

7. In Belgium, Network member Sandra Arslanian's latest music video Fiery Observation premiered on Revolver.

6. In our magazine, literary rivalries were unveiled in an article entitled Pimple on the Nose.

5. In Montevideo, Uruguay, Maria Laura Keuylian's workshop of poetic weaving took place.

4. In Armenia, Marianna Karakeyan released a new music video Why, dedicated to World Environment Day.

3. The VEM Ensemble, our partners from UCLA, arrived in Yerevan and delivered a memorable concert at Aram Khachaturian's House.

2. In Belfort, France Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellow Arik Grigoryan and his project TmbaTa performed in 5 different concerts during the FIMU Festival 2019.

1. Across the world, visual artists continued to submit their designs to our $2,000 movie poster challenge, which has just closed.

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