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Top 10 of Creative Armenia: May 2019

Some highlights from our creative world

May 31, 2019  |  by Creative Armenia

Creative Armenia's fellows, residents, and artists from across the world are constantly on stage and in the news, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Here are just 10 highlights from the month of May.

10. Creative Armenia launched its Network, kicking off its digital community of artists across the world.  

9. In New York, Network member Tamara Sevunts performed the role Clitandre in The Misanthrope, during the inaugural reading of Molière in the Park.

8. In Picton, Ontario, Network member Kamee Abrahamian launched her latest exhibition of mixed media prints.

7. In Yerevan, art director Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan staged his new site-specific performance of The Song of a Refugee at AGBU Gallery Space.

6. In our magazine, the crosshatches of art and science were explored in an article entitled The Art of Science.

5. While, Viken Berberian talked to us about his new comic book The Structure is Rotten, Comrade, created with French illustrator Yann Kebbi.

4. And Creative Armenia - AGBU Fellow Narek Margaryan's prophetic powers were unleashed.

3. In Uruguay, Network member Maria Laura Keuylian opened her new exhibition exploring the healing power of childbirth.

2. On YouTube, Network member Vahagni's EP Fragments debuted, a unique mixture of classical, modern jazz, and Armenian folk music.

1. Across the world, graphic artists submitted designs to our $2,000 movie poster challenge. The submission is open until June 30, 2019.

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