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System of a Down Frontman Announces $5,000 Music Challenge

The Grammy-winning rock star Serj Tankian hosts the 7 notes music challenge.

October 18, 2017  |  by Creative Armenia

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Iconic rock star Serj Tankian gives you 7 notes. Are they the first 7 notes of a new rock song? A jazz ballad? A piece of classical music? That’s up to you. This is the premise of a challenge released by the System of a Down frontman today.


“I always firmly believe that songs come from collective consciousness, that they don’t necessarily reside within an artist. Every song begins with an idea, a concept, or a sound,” says Tankian in the challenge video, before asking you to use that initial idea as the beginning of an original song or composition.


The challenge is open to everyone. And there are no restrictions on genre or instrumentation. So long as the piece begins with those 7 notes, does not exceed 3 minutes, and is submitted by December 15, it will be considered for the $5,000 prize and cross-platform publicity.


For more information and to apply, visit

The 7 Notes music challenge is the latest challenge presented by Creative Armenia. Oscar-winning director Terry George had previously issued the Art of Impact film challenge, calling on filmmakers to tell a human rights story in 60-seconds. Creative Armenia is a non-profit organization with a global mandate to discover talent and empower stories of impact in the digital age.

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