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Culture Check: January 2018

The first month of the new year was filled with cultural events. Here are some of them that might have escaped your attention.

January 30, 2018  |  by Creative Armenia

1. The new year kicked off with a new app by Google, which matches your selfie with a famous gallery painting. More than 30 million selfie matches have already been found.

2. In the finer arts, meanwhile, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted an exhibition of more than 200 works by Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo. The New York art world was in euphoria.

3. Art aficionados were not so happy in Genoa, however. They demanded refunds after it was discovered that the very popular "Modigliani"exhibition had a bunch of fake paintings on display.  

4. London lit up with the Lumiere Light Festival. For one weekend the city turned into an open air gallery displaying more than 50 luminous works by international artists.

5. Britons also kicked off a year-long celebration of their beloved art form – the circus – which turns 250 this year.

6. Meanwhile in Argentina, the traditional Malambo festival was in full swing, with dancers competing in two styles reminiscent of the old gaucho dances.

7. Finally, in scandalized Hollywood, Minnie Mouse received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was congratulated by Katy Perry, who showed up in a matching red polka dot dress.

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