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Culture Check: February 2019

A 60-second journey through this month’s culture. 

February 27, 2019  |  by Creative Armenia

1. The death of Chanel’s savior Karl Lagerfeld. 

2. A new “All the Rembrandts” show in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. 

3. Mozart mixes with Sci-Fi at a festival in Salzburg.

4. Netflix ends its last two Marvel series.

5. The 69th annual Berlin International Film Festival and its female-dominated nominations. 

6. Jennifer Rubell’s Vacuuming Ivanka live installation begins in Washington D.C.

7. Marina Abramović appears via “mixed reality” in London’s Serpentine Galleries.  

8. Star Wars’ Lightsaber dueling becomes an official sport in France.

9. The trailer release of a new crapsterpeice by The Room director Tommy Wiseau.

10. Brit Awards 2019.

11. Beyoncé and Jay-Z pay tribute to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

12. The 150th birthday of Hovhannes Tumanyan, Armenia’s Mark Twain.

13. The death of Peter Tork, the Monkee who played guitar.

14. The hostless, Spiked-up 2019 Academy Awards.

15. The National Symphony Orchestra’s “love program” for Valentine’s day.

16. The 25th anniversary of the trashy music of “Stomp.”

17. And The Metropolitan Museum of Art returning a stolen coffin to its home in Egypt.

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