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Culture Check: December 2018

Catch one last piece of culture before 2019!

December 28, 2018  |  by Creative Armenia

1. Exhibitions became increasingly digital in December as Marshmallow Laser Feast invited us into an avatar-like rainforest. Among simulated trees, we felt the urge to reconnect with ourselves.

2. Failing to do that, we dropped in on the premiere of the Cher Show on broadway. The irrepressible American-Armenian was there to sing-along with her double.

3. Locals in Port Talbot woke up to an early Christmas present on Wednesday morning: a new work by Banksy. Painted on the wall of a garage, a child plays with ash in this Welsh steel town.

4. Icebergs came to London, meanwhile, to spread a similar message. Spectators at the Tate Modern were allowed to smell and taste the ice, to be reminded of a time before pollution.

5. Others preferred to taste gingerbread, though. Around the corner Gingerbread City opened its gates, and invited Londoners into a world build by cutting-edge architects and charmed by the Christmas spirit.

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