Culture Check: December 2017

Want to be the cultured one at your holiday party? We've selected the most interesting things in the field of arts happened in December.

December 28, 2017  |  by Creative Armenia

1. Golden Globe nominations were announced this month, with a surprise nod for Christopher Plummer, Kevin Spacey's last-minute replacement for the role of J Paul Getty in All the Money in the World.

2. A few miles east, the Getty Center was burning. Almost. The museum barely fought off the wildfires, which were swallowing up the California mountains.

3. Cross-country in New York, the Grammys had their own announcement. Two Armenians made the nominations: legendary composer Tigran Mansurian and the Yerevan Opera & Ballet National Academic Theatre newly appointed conductor Constantine Orbelyan.

4. Made of 60 individual sheets, the largest world map of the 16th century was finally pieced together. It did not look like the world.

5. Christoph Waltz took the stage again, but not for the usual reason. The beloved actor of Inglorious Bastards was in Antwerp to direct the opera"Falstaff" by Verdi.  

6. And of course: The Last Jedi! Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga soared with audiences and critics alike. It was actually written and directed by indie filmmaker Ryan Johnson.


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