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Creative Armenia launches Artbox Entrepreneur

Artbox Entrepreneur program will accelerate creative careers and provide €2,500 grants to participating artists and creators across all art fields

December 6, 2022  |  by Creative Armenia

Creative Armenia is delighted to officially launch and open the applications for Artbox Entrepreneur, a program funded by the European Union in Armenia and launched in partnership with AGBU Armenia within the framework of the KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program. 


Through an 8-week career acceleration program in the Winter of 2023 — taking place digitally through a cutting-edge online platform — selected artists and cultural professionals across all creative fields will be offered an unparalleled opportunity to boost their careers. Working with top-notch mentors in business and renowned cultural leaders, they will develop their individually tailored career acceleration plan and will receive a €2,500 grant to bring it to life.


To learn more about the Artbox Entrepreneur and to apply by the January 10, 2023 deadline, please visit the website:


"We are proud to bring a new addition of our signature Artbox programs to talented creators,” said Creative Armenia’s Director of Programs Anush Ter-Khachatryan. “Artbox Entrepreneur is unprecedented in its methodology, approach, and its mission of giving an effective career boost that creators seek.”


The application is open for creators from across the world executing their creative and professional activity within the Republic of Armenia and looking to maximize, monetize, and market their talent. The program is tailored towards professional individual artists across the discipline with craftsmanship who need support in coming up with business strategy, branding assets, and establishing professional partnerships. 


“One of the unique aspects of the creative sector is that it's dominated by what we call micro-businesses. Those are 1-2 person businesses. Artbox Entrepreneur is tailored precisely for that,”— said Anna K. Gargarian, the lead of KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program. “It understands that, as an artist, you are your business; your personal brand, and personal management are essential to your success. In contrast to our other Artbox programs which incubate and accelerate creative projects and businesses, the Entrepreneur edition is uniquely shaped for the individually driven creative enterprise. It’s an essential gap in our learning ecosystem, and Artbox is there to address this need with essential tools and support for success.”


Inspired by innovative models in business and tech, Artbox is a reinvention of the incubator and accelerator models for the art world — a dynamic entrepreneurial system that supports individuals, projects, and institutions across disciplines with potential for success. Through a set of signature cutting-edge programs, Artbox develops commercial viability, audience growth, and investable creative products.

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