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Creative Armenia announces new wave of recipients for Artists for Artsakh grants

Meet the six artists who are capturing Artsakh’s spirit and strength in their cutting-edge creations 

April 15, 2021  |  by Creative Armenia

Creative Armenia is proud to announce the six new recipients of its Artists for Artsakh grants — creative funds for artists across all fields who bring global attention to Artsakh and its people. 


“We are proud of these talented artists,” remarked Garin Hovannisian, the founding director of Creative Armenia. “The quality and range of their commitment to Artsakh are an inspiration to all of us.” 


The latest recipients of the creative grant are: 


Narek Aleksanyan, a photographer from Armenia, for his capturing of the life and lore of Artsakh.  


Kamee Abrahamian, a multidisciplinary artist from Canada, for the creation of a cutting-edge AR installation art, based on the widely-circulated guerilla street-art that raised awareness about the Artsakh war. 


Anush Ghukasyan, a visual artist from Armenia, for the creation of a captivating installation piece that challenges the notions of boundaries, war, and peace.


Vahe Terteryan, a filmmaker from Armenia, for a powerful short documentary film about the children of Artsakh. 


Valeri Ghazaryan, a rapper and musician from Artsakh, for the creation of a rhythmic fusion of rap and dripping sounds of violin, in collaboration with violinist and fellow Artsakh native Grandma Kima. 


Oksana Mirzoyan, a filmmaker based in the US, for her film Abysm about Artsakh that will bring international attention to the human narrative of war. 


These six creators now join the ranks of previous Artists for Artsakh grant recipients — calligrapher Ruben Malayan (Armenia), writer Taleen Babayan (USA), filmmaker Christine Haroutounian (USA), writer and journalist Lika Zakaryan (Artsakh), documentary filmmaker Vardan Hovhannisyan (Armenia), and many others — in an expanding mission to bring Artsakh’s spirit to global audiences. 

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