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Three powerful Armenian artists travel to Brussels to complete their 2022 East-West Residency at the Villa Empain. Know their names!

Celebrating creativity, talent, and innovation

From a legendary Hollywood producer to the most celebrated contemporary artists and scientists, the 2022 Creative Armenia Week brought together powerhouse creators from across creative fields for a series of thought-proving discussions.
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Artbox Showcase

Explore the first generation of 29 projects to ever complete their creative incubation at Artbox. Artbox is an incubator providing comprehensive support to creative projects and businesses with potential for commercial success.

What is
Creative Armenia?


Fuel the movement.

We discover.

But how does an arts foundation discover talent in the modern age - for creative minds dispersed across the world? Our experimentation in the digital space is key to our mission. Look up our creative challenges to learn more.

What We Do

We develop.

We believe in the strategic support of creative Armenian artists and projects. We don't just fund. Through our fellowships and residency, we offer a package of mentorship, marketing, business planning, and other tools to accelerate creative breakthrough.

We promote.

Artists need an audience, and Creative Armenia works to promote our talent worldwide. We showcase and advocate for our culture at art fairs, film festivals, and in our own digital magazine.