Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships

Are you the future of art? Cutting-edge artists across all creative fields are invited to apply by the October 31 deadline.









Are You the Future of Art?  

Providing a package of funding, mentorship, and promotion, Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships 
lead cutting-edge artists to the forefront of Armenia’s cultural future. 
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Application Materials

Before you submit your application, make sure you are familiar with the list of necessary materials and have them prepared to submit. The deadline for application is October 31, 2020.  

What Fellowships Alumni Say


Zela Margossian

The Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships has given me a chance to be a part of a great initiative that has a significant impact on the promoted artists’ careers and exposure and I personally feel grateful for this unique experience.


Arik Grigoryan

The fellowship program was huge support both financially and strategically that pushed me forward to realize Vishup Ensemble’s recordings, produce music videos, and get the necessary technical support.


Nvard Yerkanian

The valuable guidance along with the financial support received from Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships are testaments of their unwavering dedication to foster future generations of Armenian artists and creative minds.

Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellows

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Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships 2020

Take a journey through the 2020 term of Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships program.

How did the Fellowships start?

Two partner organizations came together to discover and champion the most brilliant emerging minds of our culture. 

Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships 2019

Explore the creative world of the 2019 Creative Armenia-AGBU Fellowships program.


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