What is ARTBOX?

Before you submit your application, make sure to read through the project overview and prepare the necessary assets. The deadline for application is May 1, 2020.  

ARTBOX Description 

Artbox, powered by Creative Armenia, is a creative incubator providing four stages of support — development, investment, production, and promotion — for artistic projects that meet the 3P criteria, meaning they are: 
  1. Powerful — having a strong creative vision;  
  2. Practical — pursuing a realistic plan to bring the idea to life; and
  3. Profitable — built on the intention and potential of commercial success.
Projects may be selected for one or more stages of support from Artbox. 

Four Stages of ARTBOX 

The four stages of Artbox are: development, investment, production, and promotion. A project may receive one or all stages of support and must be evaluated and approved to advance to the next stage. 
  1. Development — With the guidance of a project producer, Artbox helps develop your creative and business plans. 
  2. Investment — If the creative and business plans are approved, Artbox may choose to invest in your project. Such an investment will be recoupable and any proceeds will go back to ARTBOX and be used to support new projects.
  3. Production — In this stage, Artbox functions as a production partner, assigning a Creative Armenia producer who ensures that the production runs effectively and cost-effectively.
  4. Promotion — When your project is ready for release, Artbox supports distribution, marketing, and publicity efforts, working together toward its critical and commercial success.

Who Can Apply?

An artist or art producer who is of Armenian origin or whose project is meaningfully connected to Armenia is eligible to apply. Artbox will assess projects based on the 3P criteria outlined above. 

Application Process 

The deadline for the first round of applications is May 1, 2020. Projects will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit further documents and to join a video interview for the final evaluation. 
We receive applications exclusively through the Typeform application portal. 

Before you Apply

Before you begin your submission at the Typeform portal, please make sure to have the following materials (in PDF or .doc format). The submission process itself should take you no more than 15 minutes. 
  • 60-second video pitch — Think of this as an “elevator pitch.” Tell us briefly what your project is and why we should be excited about working with you. The video should be of good quality. 
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT: Acceptable formats are MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV. The maximum size is 10MB.
  • 1-page self-portrait — In one page or less, tell us about yourself and your creative background, and why this project is important to you. 
  • 1-page project summary — In one page or less, tell us about your project, making sure to explain how it meets the 3P requirements. 
  • Supplemental materials (optional) — You are not required but are welcome to submit one video, lookbook, or another asset to support your application. 
  • Project budget — In one page or less, provide a summary and breakdown of the project budget. Include a summary of grants or investments already procured.
  • Project timeline — Provide a basic timeline for your project.
  • An up-to-date CV. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

- Can I apply as a team? 
Yes. However, one person needs to be designated as the lead producer for purposes of the project’s relationship to Artbox. If the project is a collaborative effort, it is important to mention the names and respective roles of everyone involved.
- What do you mean by “investment”? 
All services provided by Artbox are considered to be recoupable investments. Our investments may be in-kind (e.g., consulting, production support) or as equity.
- Who will be assessing the projects? 
The Creative Armenia team evaluates all applications according to a rigorous process approved by its board and in consultation with leading cultural experts and artists.
- How will I be notified?
The Artbox team will contact shortlisted applicants by e-mail within 6 months of the initial submission. 
- Can I apply again? 
If your project is not accepted you are free to apply again with a more developed plan or another project that meets Artbox requirements. However, an artist may apply no more than twice during the course of one year.