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What is Artbox?

Before you submit your application, make sure to read through the project overview and prepare the necessary assets. 

Artbox Description 

Artbox is a creative accelerator for artistic projects to achieve their full potential in the global market. We invite projects we believe in and provide up to four phases of investment, depending on the project’s needs. Powered by Creative Armenia. 
The four phases of Artbox: 
  • Development: Artbox helps you develop and finalize your concept to make it stronger both creatively and commercially. 
  • Investment: Once your project is creatively complete, Artbox helps you establish a viable budget and funding plan, empowered in part by its own cash investment. 
  • Production: Once funding is complete, Artbox acts as or assigns a producer to the project, coordinating and assisting as needed to the finish line.
  • Promotion: Once your project is ready for release, Artbox helps you craft a marketing campaign to promote it properly, online and off. It also offers its own cash investment toward publicity. 
NOTE: Projects are eligible for anywhere from one to all four phases of support. When submitting, you should identify clearly which phase(s) of support you are seeking.  

Advancement to The Next Phases

Once the initial project phase ​is identified, your project will undergo an incubation process and be developed according to the criteria of the phase. As the collaboration period ends, Artbox team will conduct a reevaluation of the project.
If your project belongs to the Development or Investment phase, this may require us to: 
  • Test the project on its target audience. This can be a closed event, confidential online distribution, and survey analysis    
  • Assess the potential of the project global reach 
  • Assess the acquired skills and readiness of the project director, artist to take it further 
  • Reevaluate the timeline, budget, necessary team, and other requirements to see if the project fits the next Artbox phase 
If your project belongs to the Production phase, it is quite likely to advance to the Promotion phase. Yet, beforehand, the artist should: 
  • Find extra platforms of promotion and publicity 
  • Be ready to partake in all organized media coverages, interviews, and other promotional campaigns, when asked 
  • Give Artbox and Creative Armenia full credit in all media appearances

Artbox as Investor

All the services of Artbox — consultation, development of concept, marketing plan, coordination and management of the project, and funding — are treated as in-kind investments in your project. 
If your project undergoes the Investment phase, Artbox provides viable marketing and budget plans and has its cash investment. If the collaboration ends on the second phase and the artist proceeds with the project alone, he must include Artbox and Creative Armenia in all publicity materials as an investor and partner. 
If your project advances to the Production phase, Artbox acts as or assigns a producer to the project, coordinating and assisting as needed to the finish line. Artbox also has 75% investment in the project. When the project is produced, successfully enters the market, and brings profit, Artbox gets 70% and the artist gets 30% of the profit from the first distribution. The 70% covers all production expenses.
If the project is further redistributed, Creative Armenia shares 50/50 percentage of its profit with the artist. 
As a producer, all the rights of the project belong to Artbox, and the artist should consult on all matters with the Artbox team. 

Who is Artbox for?

Creative ideas are conceived every day, but most of them never make it out of the box and into the world. Artbox is the first-ever accelerator program dedicated fully to converting artistic ideas into artistic products.
We will assess your project based on the quality of the idea, your demonstrated ability to execute it, and our capacity to help you.     


Established and new artists across all fields who have: 
  • Armenian origin
  • Project concept with potential for commercial and critical success 
  • Demonstrated ability to execute the project artistically

Application Process 

Artbox has a rolling application deadline, which means that you can apply with your project at any time. The evaluation process will be done on quarterly bases. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email for more information and proceeding interview round. 
We receive applications exclusively through the Typeform application portal. Submissions done otherwise will not be considered. 

Before you Apply

The application process itself will take you only 15 minutes, but before you apply please make sure to prepare and have ready to upload the following materials: 
  • 60-second video pitch of the project: A video pitch featuring you and supported by visual explanatory materials that will present the project in a clear way. The pitch should include a general description, description of the timeline, budget, and development state. The video must have a 60-second duration and high-resolution. 
  • Outline of the project budget: Depending on the phase of the project, the required budget outline will vary. It should include a layout of all investment sources and the amount invested. Should include an estimated number of future expenses. The outline should be submitted in Excel or Google sheet format. 
  • Outline of the project timeline: The outline should present three categories — development in the past, present works, and future plans. It should be clearly and meticulously presented. If you already understand how Artbox can support the program, you should also include our investment activities in the timeline. 
  • An English CV and other relevant materials such as portfolio or reel, as applicable: You should include this in your application form. Make sure that all the links are properly working and, if private, provide respective passwords. 
  • An English application form: A short application form on our Typeform platform that will include questions regarding personal and contact information of the artist, artistic bio, and links from previous works.